Connie George

Keeping your office running smoothly

Design thinking, Product design, Interactive Design, Conversation design
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It was taxing trying to find admin assistants prepared to work long hours, six days a week to manage the high volume of deliveries and clients visiting our office. In the end it would always be one of us to answer the door, breaking up our day, and leaving us unable to focus on the client tasks at hand. We struggled to always know who was coming, and what they were here for. We wanted to avoid those awkward unprepared surprises from clients and delivery drivers.

A 24/7 Digital Concierge

The 24/7 digital concierge gave us the opportunity to build a reliable digital assistant who would work 24/7 days a week with zero expenses.

Connie George sending slack message

By integrating Google Home with our Slack team, our office assistant was able to speak to clients and delivery drivers upon arrival. Whoever they were visiting would receive a direct message in Slack to notify them This allowed for zero confusion and the ease of being prepared for ever you were meeting

We didn't have to hire a concierge – we built one.

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