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ROLLER know one thing well: ticketing. They are taking on the giants – Ticketmaster and Ticketek – by providing a better customer experience. We found a bottleneck in their end-to-end experience, specifically event entry. How can we make it faster? By creating harmony between hardware and software.

Roller mobile

Party in the front, Facebook and Intercom integrations in the back

We integrated the chatbot into Intercom as well, to work seamlessly with their customer support team. Not only can their team see conversations in real-time, they can also be alerted and escalate at any point. In the back, we built a seamless transition from the conversation to their existing quoting tool, where the user completes their signup and payment - a process better kept for web.

roller app

What's next?

We continue to work closely with ROLLER to bring new and awesome features to the app, for even speedier check-in and better customer delight.

We also designed their website: