White Lion

Using VR to raise awareness of domestic violence

Design thinking, product design, Interactive design
White lion introduction


White Lion is an organisation that raises awareness for domestic violence in Australia. Every year, White Lion host their “Bailout” event to help raise money for young people that have suffered domestic violence. The event draws thousands of people each year who donate to the charity. Unfortunately, only a select few get to experience the event to truly understand the issue of domestic violence.

Our virtual reality experience gave the opportunity for attendees to experience what it felt like to be in the shoes of a domestic violence victim.

The final VR product also allowed White Lion supporters, who did not attend, to interact with the organisation and the issue at hand in an innovative way. The experience is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

By directing, designing and deploying a VR experience that could scale, our Bailout experience was no longer limited to the physical event. Anyone with a mobile device and google cardboard could be immersed in and understand the experience.

Using the VR experience at the event

A higher understanding of community issues

Both Bailout attendees and other supporters of White Lion now could interact through this engaging piece. During the experience, emotions ran high as people gained a deeper understanding of what it felt like to be in a victim’s shoes. The Bailout event raised $335,367 – the most they have ever raised to date.

Experience it everywhere

In addition to the Gear VR experience, we also produced a scalable mobile and web version to ensure maximum reach and accessibility. Anyone with an iPhone, Android or laptop could experience it too.

Multi platform VR

From Ideation to delivery

Our team delivered the entire production cycle. From 360 script development, direction and production to post-production, app and web build ready for deployment on multiple platforms.

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